Nomad Fuel


The podcast world is gaining ground and we definitely aren’t complaining. For us, podcasts are the perfect mix of entertainment, education and convenience during a commute to work, long flight or walk home from dinner. With so many new podcasts popping up, there is something for everyone. We tend to lean towards the health/wellness and personal development topics, but Robert also loves entrepreneurial podcasts as well. We compiled our top choices that… Read More

1. Replace Canola Oil and “Vegetable Oil” These inflammatory oils are used in restaurants and can be found in most store bought salad dressings, baked goods, chips and crackers. Replace these toxic choices with coconut oil, avocado oil, and extra virgin olive oil, or cook with water for a no calorie option! Avoid canola, soybean and other hydrogenated vegetable oils. Salad Dressing Tip: for a healthier salad dressing combine 2 parts balsamic… Read More

Basically, it’s the wonder drug that literally requires doing nothing and spending no money.

Ceremonial grade cacao is highly concentrated and if you drink enough, it can produce a high/euphoric state from the feel good amino acids theorbromine and phenethylamine. Euphoric and relaxed but alert state with no hangover in the morning? Finally something I can get behind.

I’m the girl that prioritizes fish oil supplements and Green veggie powder over makeup and a hair iron in my limited packing space when traveling. A steady health and wellness routine, especially when on the road, is important because it keeps you grounded and maintains your body’s natural rhythms. There are a few essential products I use day in and day out to maintain my mental and physical wellbeing, I always find… Read More

It’s been a few weeks since we officially started Nomad Fuel and although we’ve touched on it here and there, I realize that we haven’t really shared an explanation for the vision behind Nomad Fuel and why we’re doing what we are. While it may seem obvious to most (what’s not to like about the idea of traveling around the world for a few months right?), there are some subtleties to our… Read More