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London is often called the New York City of the U.K. And for good reason, it definitely gives NYC a run for its money when it comes to being the most expensive city in the world. While London is an expensive destination, it is home to world class museums, historical sites, theater, and more recently, world class cuisine of every kind.

Singapore is an island city-state bordering Malaysia that has become a major travel hub of Southeast Asia. Gaining its independence from Britain not too long ago, Singapore has grown immensely over the past 30 years to the likes of other international cities like London and Dubai.

The podcast world is gaining ground and we definitely aren’t complaining. For us, podcasts are the perfect mix of entertainment, education and convenience during a commute to work, long flight or walk home from dinner. With so many new podcasts popping up, there is something for everyone. We tend to lean towards the health/wellness and personal development topics, but Robert also loves entrepreneurial podcasts as well. We compiled our top choices that… Read More

Aside from the obvious packing skills, the portable chargers, the overstuffed backpacks, the camera gear and the constantly referenced abilities to compromise or go with the flow, theres 1 thing in particular that jumps out at me as to why the past 3 months have worked (and occasionally not worked) so well.

Despite nearly 3 million Americans writing in to their government to oppose the roll back on two National Monuments in Utah, President Trump still decided to move forward with his decision to cut back the acreage of Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante by a whopping 85 and 50%, respectively, to “make way for local industry”. Large pieces of these Monuments will be cut away, including coal-rich portions of the Kaiparowits… Read More

A few weeks ago, Shelby and I went to explore the Tegalalang rice terraces outside of Ubud. Easily one of the most iconic spots in the area, the picturesque terraces and morning light made for some of the most unique landscapes either one of us had ever seen. Despite going on a Sunday, the fields were relatively empty and at times it felt like we had the place to ourselves. With the camera and the drone already fired up to take a few photos, I decided it would be the perfect spot to try my hand at a quick, experiential travel video

Healthy and delicious food is not hard to come by in Ubud, I could literally try a new cafe each day and still not run out of options, however I thought I would share the places that have gotten me to come back for more…some several times. 1. KAFE Vegetarian and paleo friendly, this spot has healthy options for every diet as well as delicious smoothies and healthful elixirs. I made several… Read More

So you’re going to Bali or planning to go in the near future…first of all, good choice, second of all do you need a visa?

Ceremonial grade cacao is highly concentrated and if you drink enough, it can produce a high/euphoric state from the feel good amino acids theorbromine and phenethylamine. Euphoric and relaxed but alert state with no hangover in the morning? Finally something I can get behind.

This is probably counterintuitive to most people’s thought process, but I am not discouraged from traveling when tragic events like this happen around the world. In many ways, I’m actually motivated to travel more.