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To say our expectations were met would be an understatement. As soon as we walked in the front door we were greeted with our choice cocktails and mocktails . We were then led down a gorgeous corridor where we caught our first glimpse of an impeccable zen water garden. The floors and walls were all a pristine white and a matching runway split the water to a panoramic chapel overlooking a small crater and Jimbaran Beach.

Realizing I was falling, Shelby stepped into the line of fire to try to catch my legs. Unfortunately, the only thing she caught was my foot to her face.

Aside from the obvious packing skills, the portable chargers, the overstuffed backpacks, the camera gear and the constantly referenced abilities to compromise or go with the flow, theres 1 thing in particular that jumps out at me as to why the past 3 months have worked (and occasionally not worked) so well.

How do we manage the expectations of the holidays and not being able to spend them with my friends and family while we’re traveling?

The honest answer is that it’s not always easy. I’d love to be hanging out with my parents and our dogs while I dive face first into a bowl/open-faced sandwich of leftovers and hopefully watch the Cowboys get stomped by whoever they’re playing this year. 

Did you even go to Bali if you didn’t visit terraced rice paddies when you went? Regardless of how you answered that, I think we can all agree that the rice terraces are some of the most iconic images that come to mind when someone mentions “Bali”. If you’ve been, you’re well aware that at any given moment, if there isn’t a rice paddy within view from the restaurant or cafe you’re… Read More

28 days in Peru, 1 external hard drive crash and hundreds of YouTube tutorials later… our Peru recap video is live! Let us know what you think in the comments below, any suggestions on how to improve our videos or what kinds of shots to include in our future videos are greatly appreciated. Enjoy! Music – Dance With Me by Brothers Egg Camera – Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Camera Lenses – Sony e 35 mm… Read More