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Fortunately, most people on the island will not be directly affected by a large scale eruption. However, the spewing volcanic ash being blown towards cities like Ubud and Denpasar has become a major concern for locals and tourists alike. So if you’re like me and you’re one of the people experiencing this natural phenomenon first hand, what do you need to do to avoid the potential hazards and how can you get off the island despite the hundreds of flights being canceled each day?

After 20 minutes of crossing back and forth up the river, we got to the mouth of a gorge where the water looked to be about chest deep. Inside, a small waterfall cascaded down the side of one of the rock faces. This is what we’d came for.

This is probably counterintuitive to most people’s thought process, but I am not discouraged from traveling when tragic events like this happen around the world. In many ways, I’m actually motivated to travel more.