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If you’re like me and often experience digestive upset that consists of pain and bloating, or you just like smoothies in general, this recipe is for you! This recipe incorporates ingredients to calm the gut and aid with digestion, like ginger and coconut oil, as well as those that will help to heal and protect the gut lining against future agitation, like collagen, healthy fats and vitamin C. This recipe calls for… Read More

If I’ve learned anything from dating an engineer the past three years, I’d like to think I’ve learned efficiency…or at last I’m starting to catch on. Where before I might have made three separate recipes, I realized that my weekend breakfast go-to paleo protein pancake recipe can be altered slightly to give you a host of delicious options to meet any morning craving. Once the base batter is assembled, you can divide… Read More

Healthy and delicious food is not hard to come by in Ubud, I could literally try a new cafe each day and still not run out of options, however I thought I would share the places that have gotten me to come back for more…some several times. 1. KAFE Vegetarian and paleo friendly, this spot has healthy options for every diet as well as delicious smoothies and healthful elixirs. I made several… Read More

Start your day will a full dose of fibrous veggies without even knowing it. This shake is like having dessert for breakfast, without all the sugar and guilt. If you know me, you’ll have already heard about my nut butter obsession…I find a way to eat it with everything and it is my favorite way to add flavor, creaminess and healthful fats to smoothies. This shake can be made with any nut… Read More

Matcha tea is a great option if you are looking for a coffee alternative or just want to add a healthy energizing warm drink to your morning. I have shifted towards Matcha recently during my yoga teacher training here in Ubud Bali because it has the energizing effects of coffee while at the same time calming the mind; perfect for before meditation or a yoga class (Buddhist monks use it for the… Read More

I would never complain about the ability to travel, but sometimes you miss the little things from back home, like everything that comes with the changing of the seasons; waking up to brisk morning air, the amber fall colors, leggings and sweaters, changing your coffee order from cold brew to hot latte, sitting around a warm fire, and most importantly pumpkin flavored everything. So when I came across canned organic pumpkin purée… Read More