Nomad Fuel’s Top 9 Podcasts

The podcast world is gaining ground and we definitely aren’t complaining. For us, podcasts are the perfect mix of entertainment, education and convenience during a commute to work, long flight or walk home from dinner. With so many new podcasts popping up, there is something for everyone. We tend to lean towards the health/wellness and personal development topics, but Robert also loves entrepreneurial podcasts as well. We compiled our top choices that we have deemed worth your time.

Shelby’s Favorites

The Time Ferriss Show

Robert and I both agree that this is one of the best podcasts out there. Tim Ferriss has written 4 New York Times best sellers on how to maximize productivity in a wide range of areas. On his podcast, he focuses on long form interviews where he dissects the tactics and tendencies of the top performers from the fitness, nutrition, tech, business and other worlds. But his guests aren’t the only thing that will keep you coming back for more. Tim is a super laid back and entertaining guy that makes a 1-2 hour car or plane ride fly by.

Robert recommends his episodes with Jamie Foxx and Alex Honnold (one of his all time favorites) to peak your interest.

Tim Ferriss Show

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is hands down the most entertaining interviewer I’ve found yet and has no filter. He has interesting conversations with a wide range of people, from comedians to nutritionists. This podcast truly has it all and it will have you laughing out loud multiple times throughout an episode.

His interview with Kelly Brogan, a holistic nutritionist and psychiatrist is a good place to start!

Joe Rogan Experience

The Mindbodygreen Podcast is my favorite site for the newest and most interesting articles about health and wellness, and the podcast makes it even easier to learn while I am driving or getting ready in the morning. This show is hosted by the founder and CEO himself, Jason Wachob, who interviews all the latest and greatest researchers and entrepreneurs from the wellness realm, like the founder of the Whole30 Melissa Hartwig and professional rock climbing photographer Jimmy Chin.

Check out his interview with Melissa Hartwig about overcoming drug addiction to become a health guru.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

An expert in the exercise science/biomechanics realm, Ben Greenfield is a professional strength and conditioning coach who brings you all information you need to know about training and nutrition in plain English, so you won’t have to hit pause and pull up Google every other minute. Learn how to optimize your training and get the secret health habits from many of the top athletes and nutrition experts (from Iron Man champions and football players, to best selling authors and researchers).

The interview with Thomas DeLauer about quelling inflammation is one of my favorites.

Bulletproof Radio

A health/wellness podcast centered around the theme of “bio-hacking”; finding ways via diet, exercise and technology to improve your biochemistry and live until you’re 180. Host, Dave Asprey, the author of The Bulletproof Diet and Headstrong, interviews the top doctors, psychologists, researchers and biochemists of our time. You will learn actionable information to start improving your health right away!

Must Listen: #376 Vegetable Oil – The Silent Killer W/ Dr. Cate Shanahan. I can’t stress enough how important the information covered in this episode is.

Bulletproof Radio

Soul On Fire

Known as @TheBalancedBlonde on Instagram, Jordan Younger is the author of Breaking Vegan and is a totally upfront and down to earth about her personal experiences with food, spirituality, yoga and much more. She interviews foodies, yogis and entrepreneurs alike, always bringing interesting content along with her sweet and spunky personality.

Must listen: Ep. 3 Sophie Jaffe, Ep. 5 Kelly Leveque, Ep. 14 Kelly Leveque and Wes Okerson

Rewild Yourself

Hosted by Daniel Vitalis, this podcast is all about getting back to our ancestral roots. This podcast covers everything from foraging for wild food/game to the discussion on relationships. This podcast will definitely help you reconnect with your instincts and live a more natural life in our crazy modern world.

His episode about why he doesn’t eat a vegan diet is very eye opening.

Rewild Yourself

Robert’s Favorites

Short Story Long

Easily my favorite podcast these days, Short Story Long aims to fill in the gaps that are often left out of the short summaries we hear about entrepreneurs’ success stories, hence the name. If you were a fan of Rob & Big or Fantasy Factory, you’ll appreciate that it’s hosted by Chris Pfaff, better known as Drama. In my opinion, this is actually what makes the show so great. Because he was successful as both a tv personality and an entrepreneur, the circle of influence that he can attract is very different than the typical podcast host. Drama is also a little younger than most of the hosts that I listen to, so his guests tend to be a little easier to relate to as opposed to just people to absorb knowledge from. He also just seems like a guy I wouldn’t mind kicking it with and that goes a surprisingly long way if you’re listening to someone talk for an hour or so on a semi-regular basis.

I recommend listening to one of his early episodes with Rob Dyrdek and then checking out one of his newer episodes with the guys who started MVMT to see the show’s progression over the past year.


Bigger Pockets Podcast

I wouldn’t recommend this podcast for everyone, but if you’re into real estate investing or at least like the idea of it, this is a great option for you. The hosts are a bit quirky, but they know their stuff and more importantly, they know how to translate what they know into information that you can actually understand, even if you don’t know the first thing about real estate. Like Tim Ferriss, they’ve been doing the whole podcast thing for a little while now so they’re pretty structured in terms of how each episode is executed.

Since there are so many different real estate topics, I’d listen to at least 4 or 5 episodes before you let yourself form an opinion (kind of like watching Game of Thrones, it may take awhile to get into it). This is a good one to start with since it shows you how attainable real estate investing can be.


Robert’s Honorable Mentions

These 3 shows (Tim Ferriss included) are the only ones that I listen to in a fairly regular basis. Maybe I’m a little too picky when it comes to podcasts, but there are a few others that I’ll mix in from time to time that are also worth checking out.

How I Built This

This podcast is produced by NPR, which has its pros and cons. The pros? It’s really well produced and they can easily get some of the top entrepreneurs on the show. The cons? It’s way to short. I’m assuming it’s because NPR needs it to fit into a certain radio time slot, but most of the episodes seem to range from 25 – 35 minutes of actual content when they could easily use another 15 – 30 minutes to really dive into some of the guests details. In many ways it feels like listening to the Cliff Note version of a podcast, which I guess can be good or bad depending on your perspective.

One of the episodes I recently enjoyed was with the founder of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie.

How I Built This

School of Greatness

I almost didn’t put this one on the list, but decided it was worth a mention since so many other people seem to find a lot of value in it. School of Greatness is run by Lewis Howes and is all about finding out how the people who have achieved “greatness” were able to do it. I’m a huge fan of the guests that are interviewed on the show and the knowledge and experience they bring to the podcast. But, and this is a very big but, I cringe at Mr. Howes interviewing style. He almost always seems to find a way to interrupt his guests to talk about an experience in his life and he repeats a lot of his own personal anecdotes over the course of a few episodes. Maybe I’m being a bit too critical, but he also just tends to try a little too hard, sort of like the new guy in the room that wants to be friends with everyone immediately. I think he’d have an incredible podcast if he would just dial it back a bit and not worry about trying to prove how great he is to his listeners.

Give this episode with the author of Eat, Pray Love and Big Magic a listen to see what you think for yourself.

The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm is a personal development (although they’d hate to hear that description) podcast hosted by Jordan Harbinger and aims to help guys develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be not only charming, but also skilled and successful in whatever field you’re in. A bit vague but they do a good job of incorporating a lot of different topics and types of guests on the show. The show is very direct and does a great job of delivering quality information while keeping the episodes succinct. My only hesitations with the show are the delivery and general attitude of the host (a bit ironic for a podcast titled “The Art of Charm”). Some of the episodes sound a lot like the questions and answers were recorded separately from each other as opposed to a continuous conversation and Jordan is a bit too cynical about the notions of personal development, life coaches and self help. I understand why he’s brutally honest and realistic when it comes to setting goals with yourself, but he tends to beat a dead horse with his reservations about the self help industry stereotypes.


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