Rolling With The Punches (And Kicks) (And Crashes)

As you may have guessed from the title, we had ourselves a day today! For starters, I woke up to day 2 of what I can only assume to be Bali Belly. If you’ve had it before then you know the drill. For those that don’t, I basically spent the better part of my day rushing in and out of bathrooms and the first thing I felt like doing after getting out of bed was taking a nap. Not ideal to say the least.

Luckily I was only really bed ridden until lunchtime and still had plenty of time to enjoy my day in the afternoon. After finishing the brunch Shelby had brought back from town, we both decided to do a little yoga in front of our villa. Feeling a bit ambitious, Shelby decided to finish with some handstand practice and asked me to spot her. After a few sets it was my turn to give it a go and Shelby’s turn to spot me. If round 1 went according to plan, round 2 was a disaster. I didn’t quite catch myself when I kicked up for my second set and as a result, my legs began to over rotate. Once I felt myself falling, I bailed from the handstand to avoid crashing down onto my back.

Realizing I was falling, Shelby stepped into the line of fire to try to catch my legs. Unfortunately, the only thing she caught was my foot to her face. She immediately dropped down to the ground and covered her nose with her hands. A quick check revealed that her nose wasn’t broken, but was still a bit bloody and tender to the touch. Shelby’s taken the liberty of blaming this one on me, saying that I kicked her as I was falling; however, I’d like to point out that the job of the spotter is to prevent one from falling in the first place. Either way, we were off to a good start for the day.

But after a few hours of editing photos and taking a few more at this incredible eco lodge, we’d all but forgotten about the rocky morning and decided to head into town for a little acro yoga. Now I know where your mind might be heading, but don’t worry, acro was actually smooth sailing. And afterwards we went to grab dinner and finish up some work before heading home. This is where the real fun started.

Before I go any further, I’d like to point out that Bali has its fair share of questionable roads. Some of them are super bumpy with potholes, others have blind corners without much wiggle room along the way and some tend to abruptly drop off into streams or rice paddies. In our case, the road back to our new place has all of these lovely features.

Since we were driving back  in the dark, I decided to proceed extra cautiously along the dicey road. So much so that I actually lost my balance while driving the scooter and we tipped over into the rice paddy below us (I know this may sound counterintuitive but it’s actually harder to control scooters if you’re going too slow).

Fortunately, our 3 or 4 foot drop was heavily cushioned by the soft mud and neither one of us were hurt. Unfortunately, this same mud made picking the scooter up and getting it back up to the road that much more challenging. Not to mention, we were now both covered in mud. After about 15 – 20 minutes of fumbling around with various combinations of pushing and pulling, we finally managed to lift the scooter back up over the ledge and onto the road. Not going to lie, I felt pretty ridiculous during all of this and an F Bomb was dropped fairly early on.


As frustrating as this ending to our day was, we 100% needed it to happen. Dinner had brought about one of those pointless states of mutual agitation that happen every so often and something this absurd was the perfect way for us both to snap out of it. Almost immediately after we’d pulled the bike out of the mud, we both began laughing at the situation. I mean what else can you really do after something like that happens? Especially on top of the morning we’d already had.

This perfect ending to a not so perfect day was a beautiful reminder not to take everything so seriously. Even when we go on vacation, we sometimes get caught up in focusing too much energy on things that won’t really matter in the grand scheme of it all. But if you’re willing to look at these temporary setbacks as opportunities to reset your frame of mind, it can help you truly enjoy each day that much more.


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