Best Health Cafes In Ubud

Healthy and delicious food is not hard to come by in Ubud, I could literally try a new cafe each day and still not run out of options, however I thought I would share the places that have gotten me to come back for more…some several times.


Vegetarian and paleo friendly, this spot has healthy options for every diet as well as delicious smoothies and healthful elixirs. I made several trips back for their tuna steak salad, Australian grass fed burger and turmeric and tamarind Elixir called Jamu Jamu.


2. Atman Nourish Cafe

This became Roberts go to work spot while living in Ubud, they have a wide array of healthy options from smoothie bowls, to gluten free pasta, to traditional Indonesian dishes. They also have a beautiful view in the back overlooking a rice padi.


3. Alchemy

This vegan cafe has a smoothie bowl bar…let me say that one more time so that it sinks in, a smoothie bowl bar! They also have creative dishes, the best espresso I’ve had in Ubud and a delicious salad bowl bar to boot.


4. Down to Earth Cafe

Another amazing vegan spot, this cafe had a number of great desserts, different plates like the Indian plate or the Mediterranean plant, as well as mouth watering vegan pizzas. Robert also really enjoyed their seitan wrap as shown below.


5. Kismet

This eco friendly, chic space has an interesting and trendy menu. I enjoyed an Asian salad bowl with rice noodles and veggie kabobs and their Jamu Jamu (are you sensing a trend yet?).

6. Bali Buda

A “slow food” restaurant that is eco friendly and supports local farmers, while consistently producing delicious recipes. We enjoyed their paleo breakfast platters, fresh juices and chicken salad. They also serve up bullet proof lattes for all the intermittent fasters out there.


7. Dayu’s Warung

This is a local spot serving up healthy eats that don’t hurt your wallet. We love their fish burrito, green juice and specialty Ayurvedic elixirs that I bought several of when Robert and I got sick.


8. The Elephant

This cafe is a vegetarian restaurant slightly outside the center of Ubud that had a large menu and something for everyone. We had delicious dumplings, noodle soup and pesto gnocchi.


9. The Garden Cafe at Yoga Barn

If you’re looking for a healthy meal with a side of yoga, this is your go-to spot. Located within the Yoga Barn in central Ubud, this cafe serves up gluten free pancakes, smoothies, juices, salads and more! I also would recommend their nut milk latte.

10. Sayuri Healing Foods

A lovely atmosphere, this cafe serves up both raw and cooked vegan options as well as having a wide variety of snacks for sale. I really enjoyed their raw vegan pizza and their “Nutella” raw vegan chocolate fudge. Robert was a fan of their special “the peak performance bowl” and vegan waffles topped with dairy free ice cream, we’ll definitely be returning to try their smoothie bowls for breakfast soon.


11. Sushi Toro

We have had sushi all over the world, but this sushi really set the bar. It had innovative and spunky rolls like the Sushi Pizza roll that exceeded our expectations. The miso soul and side salad are also amazing, head on over to this place between 5-7pm to get their happy our special: but two rolls get one free (the perfect amount for two people).


Notes: I would love to put Clear Cafe on this list because it is a beautiful space and serves up great dishes but unfortunately I got food poisoning the night after eating there, so just play it safe with your food choices. Seeds of life also has amazing raw desserts!

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