1 Day In Uluwatu

Our first few days in Bali were spent in Canggu, a hot bed for young surfers, partiers, and digital nomads alike. We stayed in a beach side hostel for around $5 per night and would eat fresh barbecued fish and veggies or a bowl of poke as we watched an epic sunset each night, so it was about as good as it gets…until we heard from locals that it could get even better.

An area called Uluwatu was said to have some of the most picturesque beaches in Bali; clear water, white sand and only about an hour outside Canggu. Done deal, we had to check it out.

Now, traveling around Bali is relatively cheap via taxi or Uber, but for this day trip we opted for the thrifty and slightly riskier option of going by motorbike. We’ve now been getting around by motor bike for almost 3 weeks in Ubud, but this was our first time driving in Indonesia and man is it an experience (especially since a random stray dog tried to snag a ride with us and it took us two separate tries to get him off). Traffic laws are mere suggestions here and honking at every turn is highly advisable. But all in all, we made it back safe and sound after three beautiful pit stops in the southern region of Bali listed below!

Bingin Beach: The Mykonos of Bali

Small hostels and restaurants were squeezed against the jutting coastline cliffs. The beautiful masonry and brightly colored flowers hanging off vines made this spot reminiscent of the classic Greek isle pictures you see all over Instagram. I’d highly recommend staying the night in one of the beach front boutique hotels along this coastline, we wished we had more time to explore. There is also a Nalu Bowls close by to this beach which makes the best smoothie bowls we have found in Bali yet!

Padang Padang Beach: Paradise Found

We got to watch this beach “wake up” essentially as the locals came out to sweep away all the seaweed and set up beach umbrellas to rent out to tourists, up the beauty of this place was undeniable and we thought it was the perfect spot to relax for the majority of the day. We set up camp and ordered two young coconuts for breakfast on the beach and later on Robert rented a surfboard for around $6-7 for the day.

Uluwatu Temple: Tourist Mania

We had heard good things about this temple but weren’t exactly sure what to expect, not having been to Ubud yet at the time. For us, the temple was somewhat underwhelming and the combination of the heat, entrance fee and swarming tourists took away from the experience. However, there were some scenic ocean views and entertaining monkeys worth noting. If you have limited time in Uluwatu we would suggest checking out another beach instead of the temple trip.

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