Oahu Food Guide

While traveling we try to find a balance between budget food and health food, with a few indulgences along the way. There is an abundance of amazing food on Oahu, especially if you are a fan of fresh fish. Below are a few of the spots we enjoyed during our time of the island, we were repeat customers at many.

South Shore Grill:

A local spot for bangin fish, shrimp, short-rib tacos and more. They also do burritos (vegetarian options) as well as burgers. We also enjoyed their homemade peanut butter cookies that had a Reese’s cup stuffed inside.

Location: Waikiki

Price: $-$$

Tucker and Bevy Picnic Foods:

A cute health food store on a corner across from Waikiki beach that offers prepared meals to bring out on the beach or made to order meals/smoothies. We loved their Green smoothies bowl, vegan wrap options, superfood oat snacks and noodle bowls.

Location: Waikiki

Price: $

ARS Cafe and Espresso Bar:

A cafe, coffee shop, art gallery and gelateria all in one. They had the best avocado toast I’ve had (I ordered mine with a poached egg on top) along with an amazing coconut milk pumpkin latte made with pumpkin spices and purée. They also offer Matcha lattes and another amazing meals, smoothie bowls and baked goods.

Location: Waikiki

Price: $-$$

Ono Seafood:

Best poke bang of your buck plus it’s fresh and delicious! You get a very large helping of your poke of choice over a bed of rice, I opted for seaweed salad to accompany the Ahi and octopus.

Location: Waikiki

Price: $-$$


Soft serve ice cream made from frozen bananas…..need I say more? They have a food truck and a Waikiki beach location serving up locally made non-dairy soft serve of various flavors. We enjoyed the Matcha and Acai (Riss More).

Location: Waikiki

Price: $-$$

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers:

Teddy’s was one of the last places left open after our Ka’au Crater Hike, we stopped in for a splurge of a burger and shake. Roberts regular burger was great and his combo of PB and Nutella in his shake was on point, but I was somewhat disappointed with my turkey burger.

Location: Waikiki

Price: $$

ABC Stores:

There are ABC stores on almost every corner, especially in Waikiki, which actually have a wide range of budget options if you are looking for a fast meal or snack. We grabbed poke and sushi there as well as some fresh fruit. Just keep an eye out of additives and preservatives in their prepared foods.

Location: All over the island

Price: $

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