On The Go HIIT Workouts

It is perfectly possible to stay in good shape while traveling by taking advantage of high intensity interval training. No equipment and limited space you say? No problem!

HIIT circuit workouts don’t necessarily need equipment, they are a style of workout designed to spike your heart rate into the anaerobic (without oxygen) zone for short periods of time by utilizing explosive movements like sprints, plyometrics or complex body weight exercises. Getting into the anaerobic heart rate zones forces your body to switch its fuel sources, which in turn causes a chain of events that increase your metabolism. So you just have to workout hard for 5-30 minutes to continue burning extra calories for the rest of the day…not too shabby. I have recently enjoyed the app Freeletics which provides FREE bodyweight circuit workouts, however; the movements on this app become somewhat repetitive after a number of workouts, so I often add in my own exercises to hit more muscle groups and maintain mobility.

I have provided a weeks worth of my own personal HIIT Workouts below, these are to be completed with as little rest between exercises as possible with a small rest between rounds to catch your breath. Depending on your fitness level these workouts should only take between 10 and 20 minutes each.

Circuit 1

5 Rounds of:

10 Pushups

10 Froggers

10 Plank with Switch Lunges

10 Squat Jumps

40 Bicycle Abs

10 Stand-Ups

30 Second Rest

Circuit 2

4 Rounds of:

10 Tricep Jack-knives

20 Jumping Pull-ups

30 Knee-Push-ups

40 Crunches

50 Squats

60 Second Rest

Circuit 3

4 Rounds of:


20 Alternating Leg V Ups

10 Hollow Body Rocks

20 Hip Bridges

10 Low Plank to High Planks

20 Lateral Skater Jumps

20 Plank Hold Kickbacks

Circuit 4

4 Rounds of:

20 Lunge Jump Switches

20 Fire Hydrant Leg Raises (10 per side)

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Side Plank Hip Dips (10 per side)

10 Tricep Dips ( on chair, ledge, bench or bars)

10 Squat Jumps

10 Incline Push Ups ( on chair, bench or bed)

Circuit 5

4 Rounds of:


10 Full Burpees

20 Alternating Side Plank Leg Lifts (10 per side)

10 Plank Kick Throughs

20 Step Ups (10 per leg on a chair or bench)

20 High Plank to Downdog

20 Single Leg RDLs (10 per side)


Examples of how to perform each of these exercises can be found with a quick Youtube search.

Running Circuit

5 minute warmup: jog or 100 jumping jacks

10 minutes of:

30 seconds sprint, followed by 30 seconds walking for a total of 10 sprints

Add on 1 sprint every time you do this sprint interval workout until you work your way up to 20 minutes total.


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