Travelers Tummy Treatments

So you’ve done your best to avoid travelers ailments but to no avail (and honestly if you are traveling for 3 weeks or more in lesser developed areas getting sick is somewhat inevitable). Now what? Firstly there is nothing worse than being sick in an hostel where you have to share a limited number of bathrooms and sometimes even just one bathroom with strangers whom may have to endure your aftermath, SO if you are feeling really bad or have a fever it is often worth the extra expense to get a private room/bathroom if you don’t have one already. Secondly, don’t plan any long bus rides as long as you are still having “symptoms”…because shifting toilets are not your friend. Now that you’ve made yourself a bit more comfortable, or as comfortable as you’re going to get…here what I’ve found helps to ease symptoms.

Traveler’s Tummy Treatments

1. A tall glass or warm water with 1-2 tsp sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and ½ squeezed lime/lemon
2. Probiotics! You can find pill or liquid form at most pharmacies or opt for natural probiotics if you are in an area that has quality yogurt options. These good bacteria will help to fight the bad ones currently wreaking havoc on your gut, probiotics are a MUST if you are taking any sort of antibiotic.
3. Ginger or chamomile tea, both help with digestion and nausea
4. Chicken broth, a natural gut lining healer and also easy to digest if you are having trouble eating

It can take a while for your system to get back to normal after recovering from travelers sickness so opt for easily digestible foods like soup, white rice, oatmeal and noodles before you begin to experiment with fresh foods again. Antibiotics should always be a last resort but if your symptoms persist for several weeks or you have a very high fever, seek medical treatment.

Be well my friends.



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